Adventure Modules

Hollow's Last Hope - Part 2B: Bait

A trap within a trap...

Not far from the edge of the forest-shrouded lake, a fox with large ears and bright orange fur lies bleeding, its hindquarters caught fully in the jaws of a crude iron trap.

Approaching cautiosly, our heros discover a fox caught in a hunter’s trap. As they move to free the poor creature, they are suddenly attacked by an unknown assailant hiding in the tree line nearby. Once the fox is freed it takes a liking to Realle, who is able to identify it as a Darkmoon firefoot, a species of fennec unique to this region with large ears and wispy patches of flame-colored fur around their paws. While they’re freeing the fox, they are suddenly ambused by a figure hiding along the treeline. They eventually spot the attacker, a hobgoblin warrior firing arrows at the group while a pair of razorcrows swoop in to attack as well. The group takes some fire, but eventually dispatches the crows and warrior before he can flee. After their fight, they camp near the lakeshore for the night, preparing to head out in the morning in search of the oldest darkwood tree in the forest.

[To be continued…]


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